Charlie 22 Outdoors Dinner Banquet

The 2019 Charlie 22 Outdoors Dinner Banquet was a tremendous success. We do not have exact numbers. But we believe we had over 400 in attendance. That is incredible. We want to thank all the volunteers that put their efforts into the evening. You were amazing. From the kitchen, to the raffles, to the auctions, and everything else in between, it ran smoothly because of you. We want to thank all of the veterans in attendance and those who could not be there. We love you all and owe you a great deal of gratitude and our best efforts to serve you. Many emotions were felt. There were several moments that moved everyone. Three very special things happened last night that confirm we are doing the right thing. Having Eddie Boom and his wife Vanessa there meant the world to us. They are forever part of our family now. Being presented a very special gift from Cody Grueling humbled us. His family is a part of us now too. Having WWII Veteran, Bruce Benson, in our attendance was forever ingrained in our memories. We thank all those who contributed items and financial donations. We have work to do now. We have A LOT of work to do now. The money raised needs to be put to use. Over $40,000 was brought in. That includes table sponsors, raffle and auction winners, and donations. After Charlie 22 pays all expenses, we will have over $34,000. That means we can serve more veterans and their families. If you would like to volunteer with us in that capacity, please let us know. We always need people with servant hearts to join our mission.

I conclude with a personal note. We love what we do. We are blessed to be able to do so. Last night confirmed it is right. There were several veterans in attendance that we have served. It was wonderful seeing their faces with smiles. Then to keep the emotions going strong, as we were leaving, one of our veterans and his fiancé asked me if I would marry them next May. It floored me to be given this opportunity. I’m thrilled. But it didn’t end there. When we arrived home, Barbara opened a thank you card from one of our veterans from Operation Roaring River. With the thank you, he gave us a gift card. This gentleman doesn’t have a great deal financially and it means the world to us.

If you were not there, here is the link to the video we shared:

2019 Dinner Banquet Video