Military Spouse PLUG into HOPE

Military Spouse PLUG into HOPE
PLUG- Prayer Love Unity Grace
HOPE- Holding Onto Promises Eternal

• The Clubhouse (Charlie 22 Outdoors Home Office)
• 115 N. Madison, Webb City, MO 64870
• Every Monday. 11 AM to 1 PM
• Includes hot lunch
• Open to all spouses (Child care NOT provided)

A time to come together and to heal together.

RSVP: Phone: 417-758-3300

Daily Devotional

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February 23 Devotion

Today is my birthday. It has me thinking about gifts. Do you like gifts? I think we all enjoy them to some extent. Especially, gifts

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February 22 Devotion

Today, I’m getting this out a little later than usual. Because I had to travel this morning. Actually, I’m glad I did because the conversation

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February 21 Devotion

Some of us live in circles where we might be the only believer in that group. Especially those who have only recently found their faith.

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February 20 Devotion

Those around you that don’t know Christ, will probably be curious about your relationship with Christ. Chances are, they’re not going to understand it. They’re

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February 19 Devotion

As I am reading this morning, I’m wondering something. I’m wondering if the hope that we have through Jesus brings us the joy that it

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