Operation Down Range

Mission accomplished!!!

Thank you everyone who contributed or volunteered for this event. It was an amazing weekend. Looking for the next year already.

Operation Down Range date for 2021 will be set soon. Charlie 22 Outdoors will be working in conjunction with Ft. Scott Munitions to put on this all expenses paid gun range day.

The day will held at Hollister Shooting Range in Southeast, Kansas. There will be many different options of weapons to use; automatic, semi-automatic, tannerite, and skeet.

Any and all veterans are welcome to apply. Applications are due by February 21, 2020. Wheelchair accessible locations available.

There are several opportunities to volunteer or serve at this hunt. Join us in the battle to show God’s grace and combat the 22 a day veteran suicides. Apply to Volunteer.

First and foremost, we need your prayers. Pray over the entire event and everyone involved. Pray that lives are changed. Pray the Jesus’s presence is felt. Also, we need a meal for the day. Churches, businesses, small groups, and individuals are welcome to contribute in this capacity. Charlie 22 can purchase the supplies if needed to.

Sponsorship opportunities are available. Full sponsorships are $264 per veteran. Although the cost can be greater depending on their travel, we use that number to coincide with our ongoing Operation 22 A Day fundraising campaign. However, any amount contributed is a blessing. Thank you for all of your support. More details will be added as we prepare for this day.