Daily Devotions

November 29 Devotion

We are in the middle of the season of being thankful and giving. Yesterday was Giving Tuesday. A day when people all across the country,

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November 26 Devotion

We try to close all of our events with a message and communion. During the communion meditation, we talk about servitude. We discuss how our

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November 25 Devotion

Satan has several sneaky ways of trying to control our lives. One of his weapons is trying to control our thoughts. By making us think

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November 24 Devotion

All week we have been reading about being thankful. Trying to cover what we should truly be thankful for. As this day begins, I’m trying

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November 23 Devotion

Sometimes, we don’t know what we need, until we get what we need. There is so much truth in that. It’s worth reading again: Sometimes,

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