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You can contact us by completing this form and we will get back with you soon. Or you can contact us through standard mail, email, telephone, or our social media sites. Please be aware that in order to hunt or fish at one of our events, you must complete the online application. Apply here.

Our Contact Information:

Scott Hettinger, Executive Director 417-437-7247

AJ Stock, President 417-434-7230

Russ Wicklund, Vice-President 620-210-2774

Barbara Hettinger, Treasurer 417-499-6218

Kyle Hicks, Secretary 417-499-7911

Justin Maggard, Board Member 417-388-2654

Brandon Chew, Board Member 417-356-0973

Kevin Selby, Board Member

Our Social Media Links: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

Financial information is available upon request.