Charlie 22 Days of Black Rain

The Charlie 22 Days of Black Rain Raffle ticket sales have begun. This is our annual raffle that we do with Black Rain Ordnance. Normally we start selling tickets in January. But we are ready to begin selling them now. The drawings begin next September 1. Unless, we sell the tickets before then.

22 days. 22 mornings. Every morning features Black Rain Ordnance.

$20 a ticket. 6 tickets for $100. And as always…each ticket can be drawn twice!

You can buy them online on our website, through the Cash App, at the Black Rain store front, or we can meet. If you buy them online, please contact us to let us know. Text or email. We will reply back with your numbers. If you use the Cash App, you can put a note in your purchase. We will email you your numbers.

Please share with all your contacts and tell all of your friends. We love you all and we thank you for your support.

Each morning 1 entry will be drawn.

Must pass background checks and are responsible for all fees associated with transfer and shipping.

Purchase tickets Online.

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