Soldier Testimonies

Nothing is an accident! Must have been meant to be. It was an amazing weekend. I quite literally did not know how much I needed it or how much it would mean to me.

I have never opened a Bible before really in my life. But when I did last night, it opened directly to Psalm 27. And I can tell you that in all my years on this planet, I haven’t been religious. I know that I was supposed to be there this weekend for something greater. I was supposed to be given that Bible and meet the people I met.

Just in the hours since I left, I have begun to make amends with people I have not talked to in some time. Including my own family.

While driving home, I felt I was floating on a cloud. I know for a fact I need to become the best person I can. And that starts with my family and mending any relationships I have severed. There is no room for anything in my heart but love. I quite literally feel like I was born today and I have a new perspective on life. Just 2 days ago, I’d think I was crazy myself telling myself what I’m saying now. But I literally was filled up with joy, kindness, and gratefulness.



This has been an unbelievable trip! I wouldn’t change a thing. Russ is such a kind hearted person and Kevin went above and beyond with being a guide. Both were perfect examples on what Charlie 22 stands for. I started reading the Bible about two months ago. Keep up this amazing ministry as you are doing such great and wonderful things.

J. Horton


Thank you for the weekend. Everything was amazing. I’m going to share your message with my family.

R. Bertke


We often hear, “Thank you for your service.” I want to say thank you to you guys for being the kind of people we want to serve.

E. Forgacs


What can I say about this weekend!?! MARSH MADNESS!!! First of all I’d like to thank the Lord above for such an incredible time. The whole time you could tell that the event was blessed by God. It was great from the start and at each turn got better. He kept everyone safe throughout this adventure. He allowed us to harvest many pheasant, chuckers, and ducks. God is Good!


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