January 20 Devotion

Sometimes it is so easy for us to get caught up in the worldly things. So easy for us to put our priorities in the wrong places. So easy for us to lose sight of what truly is important. We catch ourselves longing for what we don’t have. We look around and we start comparing ourselves to those who have more. Wishing we did too. The world tells us success is built upon possessions. Success is built upon material value. Success is built upon financial wealth.

Now…I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with these things. I have said that before. Many times. God will bless us in different ways. For some it is financially. Because he knows that they can handle that type of success. He knows that they have worked to achieve it. And he knows that they understand what it took to get there. And they stayed humble along the way. Others of us are blessed in other ways. Maybe it’s a job where we get to serve dozens of people. Maybe it’s with a larger family. Where we get to raise children to be servants of God. Or maybe it’s a life lived alone. Because he knows it will grow our faith in him and show others who he is. There are so many examples. Too many to mention here.

Point I’m trying to make here is that whatever we are blessed with, we should stay humble. Whatever situation we are put in, we should stay humble. Whatever the world says about us, our status, we should stay humble. The Bible tells us to do so. If we do so, and we keep our eyes on the Lord, he will show us a glory we will never be able to comprehend. He will honor us. And he will bless us. Continually. I believe that is because that will be part of our witness. Our testimony. We will be able to show others who he is. We can show them what he has done. And what he will do. We will be able to witness to others in ways we never dreamed. Humility is a blessing. It truly is. Serving God is a blessing. It truly is. Be humble, and watch your life be blessed. Because God loves you. Always has. Always will.

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