January 23 Devotion

I remember years ago when I had to fill in on the 4 x 400 relay team. One of our premier runners had torn his hamstring a weak earlier. Our coach was brilliant. He put me at the third leg knowing that I would be the weakest. Ha. When I received the baton, we were every bit of 30 yards ahead of the second place team. I took off in a full sprint. My adrenaline was pumping. 100 yards, 200 yards, 300 yards, I was doing great. Then I came off the last turn. I hit the wall! Big-time! It was like it just popped up out of the track.

Have you ever done that in life? Ever have times when seems like everything you’re doing is going well? Things are smooth. And then all of a sudden: The wall. Ever feel like you’re doing a good job serving God? You are doing your best for God. Seems like you’re in a good place doing good things and then all the sudden it stops. All the sudden you can’t move forward. All of a sudden nothing you do is working. All of the sudden you feel lost. You begin to question why it is happening. You begin to question God. You need a sign. An answer. You need God to show you the way.

In the Bible we learn about Moses at a time like this. He was being chased by an army. All the way to the Red Sea. Now he was up against the wall. And he knew he needed help. We read in Exodus 33:18: “Please, show me Your glory.” Moses knew he needed to turn to God in that moment and ask for his help. He was desperate. Life will get that way for us too. We will get desperate. But never fear. God will hear your prayers. He will hear your cries. I’m not suggesting that he will part the Red Sea like he did for Moses. What I am saying is that he will provide you with what you need. At that moment. Whatever it is. He will help you overcome. Maybe today you should ask for wisdom and strength. Maybe today you should ask for guidance. Maybe today you need to ask God into your heart. Maybe today! Know this, he is there for you. Always has been. Always will be.

For those of you wondering: I came in about 20 yards behind the first place team when I gave the baton to the fourth leg. He was amazing. I even said I’m sorry as I gave it to him. He took off, passed the lead runner, and we won the relay. Or should I say…he won it.

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