January 22 Devotion

Yesterday, Barbara and I drove down to Southeast Oklahoma to see some friends. It was 8 hours of driving for about 2 1/2 hours of fellowship. But it was well worth it. They own some property that we host events on for Charlie 22 Outdoors. Heritage River Camp. We are actually sending a team there in March for an event. Hopefully around 20 guests.

There were a couple of important reasons why we needed to go. First, to see our friends. Lee and Carol are part of our family. And the story how we met is simply a God story. There’s no doubt about it. Secondly, there was a team of volunteers there looking over a old cabin they’re going to renovate into an accessible bunkhouse. This will allow us to host more veterans there. As well as those with disabilities. Including myself.

Made me think about a verse in Matthew. Jesus was talking to the disciples. Told them to give up their own ways to follow him. That is the only way that we can be true servants. By putting him first. That’s exactly what Lee and Carol, and the volunteers, have done. And will continue doing. They have put their lives secondary to follow the command. So graciously opening up their property to serve others. Volunteers graciously giving up their time to serve others. And that is what Jesus did if you think about it. Gave up his life in heaven. Gave up paradise to come be with us. To live a life serving others and showing us how to serve others. Because he loves us. Always has. Always will.

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