January 24 Devotion

I have always been interested in history. I think that came from being raised in a military family. My parents made sure that when my father was home we would travel around Germany seeing the castles. My interest continued into college where I graduated and began teaching history in the school system. One thing I know is that history repeats itself. Maybe not exactly. But “maybe” exactly. Human behavior also repeats itself.

One way we realize that human behavior repeats itself is by simply looking at how we question whether we’re right with God or not. Thousands of years ago large crowds were following Jesus. They were questioning the same thing. The book of John shows us this. The crowds wanted to know how to be right with God. Sound familiar? Are you asking the same thing now? Maybe as you read this, you are wondering. But how do we know if we are right with God? That’s a great question.

You could quite possibly be strong in your faith. Be right with God. But lack peace. Or maybe you have both. You know you are right with God and you have peace as well. What an awesome place to be. Or maybe you don’t have either. You know you need God in your heart. You know you are not right with God. And you know you don’t have any peace at all. But the good news is you can have both. The key to having both is simple. It is clear. The key to having both is believing in Jesus. Do that, and you will be right with God. You will know it. And that can give you the peace that we all long for. So maybe today is the day for you to start believing in Jesus. Maybe today is the day for you to ask him into your heart. Maybe today is the day for you to start feeling that peace that only comes from him. It starts with us. He’s waiting. Because he loves you. Always has. Always will.

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