January 26 Devotion

Last night we were having a conversation about investments and insurance. The different options we have for putting our money into. Made me think about what we are fully invested in. And I don’t mean money. I’m not talking about our retirement accounts. I’m talking about our hearts. I’m talking about what we are fully invested in spiritually. What is it that our hearts are focused on? Where do we find ourselves serving with all of our hearts?

I can tell you this: God is fully invested in his plan. 100%. No doubt. He is fully invested. He is going to see it through. He will never waver. He can’t be stopped. He won’t be stopped. Whether we are in tune with that or not, he is going to see it through. He has up to this point. He is doing so now. And he will continue to do so. It’s up to us to join in. That’s one of the most amazing things about being part of the creation. The choice. We get to choose. He gave us the ability to choose. And that’s awesome. Unfortunately, sometimes we choose the wrong choices. We make the wrong decisions. But FORTUNATELY, there is still time. We can choose correctly.

Seek God and he will show you what to do. Have a heart to do his will and he will show you what to do. Ask him to show you his will and he will show you what to do. We are promised that. And God keeps his promises. Fully invest your heart into his plan and he will show you what to do. Isn’t that awesome! We have a God who is so accessible to us that he will show us what to do. We have a God who loves us this much. But it takes us stepping out and fully believing in the plan. We must break our hearts and put all we have into serving him. And he will use us wherever we are to fulfill his plan. If we serve him, there’s no doubt we are where we’re supposed to be. And he can use our situations to serve him and to serve others.

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