January 27 Devotion

There are several things that bring me joy. Truly bring me a feeling of happiness. My grandkids are four of those. Whenever we FaceTime them or we get to see them in person, it just brings pure joy to me. Hard to explain to somebody who doesn’t have grandkids. But Joy is a great word for it. And I think we are all looking for joy in our lives. 

I also think we are all striving to find peace. True peace in our lives. And there are different ways for us to achieve that. One way for me is to be in the deer blind. Early in the morning. Or late in the evening. Even mid day. There is such a calm out there. That’s my time of healing. That’s my time of aloneness with God. That’s a time of peace for me. That’s where I find it. I was questioned a few years ago by one of our board members. What is it that every man is searching for? He says the answer is peace. And there’s a lot of truth in that answer.

Something even more powerful about joy and peace. Something that I read about both of them. Joy and peace are both signs of the kingdom of God. They lead to hope. I want to quote something that I read here: “Joy and peace are evidence of the power of the Holy Spirit in our lives! These words do not just describe a cheerful, contented emotional state. They point to something profound at the very heart of our Christian life and witness.” As much as my grandchildren bring me joy, and being in the blind brings me peace, nothing brings me more of either one than knowing I have eternity waiting for me with Jesus in heaven. Nothing! I don’t wanna take anything away from what my grandchildren and the blind do for me. But my true hope comes from the joy and peace that is provided through our Lord and Savior. Or should I say, our true hope. Because you can have it too. God will provide it. Because he loves us. Always has. Always will.

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