January 2023 Newsletter

After a conversation with one of our supporters, we have decided to take a new approach to our newsletters. It was great advice and we are thankful for their insight.

First, it’s going to be monthly due to the fact that there is so much going on now that quarterly and yearly were both containing too much information.

And instead of simply giving you updates or recaps on what has happened, we are changing our focus. The newsletters are going to primarily focus on the most important part of our mission: Showing God’s grace.

We’re going to attempt to accomplish that by including testimonies in each newsletter that come from our guests and volunteers/supporters. Also, we will include prayer requests as well as verses tied to our daily devotionals.

Finally, we will add other information that we think is important to get out. Especially when it comes to resources for veterans.

So here is our first newsletter of 2023. We love you all and we thank you for your support.

Daily Devotional

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March 28 Devotion

This is very unfortunate, but it’s very true. And I am sure that many of us have experienced this. I know that I have. I

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March 26 Devotion

Last night I was able to attend The Sportsman Banquet held at the Neosho First Baptist Church. Basically, it’s a wild game feed that they

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March 25 Devotion

Sometimes people question me why I like to hunt. They look at it like I am simply going out to kill an animal. It’s hard

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March 24 Devotion

This morning we’re going to build on a writing from before. It’s very fitting for what we have been talking about lately. With the struggles

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