March 9 Devotion

In this lifetime, there will be times we feel stuck. Where it’s like we haven’t moved forward in the last several years. Things seem to be on pause. Or on hold. Especially since the 2020 pandemic. Mentally. Physically. Spiritually. Everything-ally. Home life. At school. Our jobs. Relationships. Basically, everything feels stuck in park. If this familiar, you are not alone. People around you feel the same way. People that you don’t know, feel the same way. In the Bible, there are people who felt the same way. 

Look at the story of Joseph. He was just a teenager when his brothers decided to sell him into slavery. His 11 brothers! You read that right. His 11 brothers sold him. Wow!! Talk about being stuck. All because they were jealous of the attention he’d received from their dad. Then later in life his boss’s wife accused him of attacking her. Innocent but still sent to jail. Stuck again!!! God was there though. He gave Joseph the ability to interpret dreams. And since he was able to interpret the king’s dreams, he was freed. Then Joseph went on to became one of the most influential people in his country. Because God never left him. 

That was pretty miraculous. To go from being a slave, and being in prison, to being very influential. From stuck…to redeemed. The point here to remember is that in the stuck position, God will still be there. It might be during those times that he is preparing you. He is preparing your circumstances and surroundings. But don’t lose sight. Don’t lose faith. Continue to pray and ask for wisdom. Ask for guidance. And when the time is right, God will release you from the holding pattern. Just like pilots waiting to takeoff. Waiting in a holding pattern. As soon as the time is right, they given the greenlight. God will do the same thing for you. Not in your time. But in his. You will be given the greenlight. You will be released. No longer stuck. 

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