March 12 Devotion

It is easy for us to get caught up in earthly things. Everywhere you look we are being enticed to eat here, buy this, come here, try that. Television, radio, computers, phones, and more. Each grabbing at us. Friends, family, acquaintances, even those we don’t know. People actually make good careers out of marketing. They’ve learned the best ways to get our interest. Now, I’m not suggesting there’s anything wrong with any of these. In fact, I enjoy many earthly things. Let’s just remember to not value them over everything else. Let’s be sure to have our priorities in the right place. 

One thing I truly enjoy, and get “joy” out of, is being out in the creation. I’m aware it’s part of this earth we call home. But, I’m more aware of the fact God created it. And we should enjoy God’s creation. We should celebrate God’s creation with joy! And if we look at this more closely, we realize we are part of the creation. God created us too. And when we look at it like this, then we know that all of creation should rejoice and praise God. The joy of creation is Christ-centered. 

So let’s conclude with this. Yes, we are in this world. We are in an earthly existence. But let’s keep our eyes on God. Then we can experience life on earth knowing how it all came to be. And then when we leave from here, we will get to celebrate and rejoice with the one who created it all. Because he loves us. Always has. Always will. 

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