March 13 Devotion

Yesterday afternoon, I spent some time with 4 friends doing some therapy. Better known as shooting guns at targets down range. One of them is the President of Charlie 22 Outdoors. The other three are veterans. One of them being one of the founders of the ministry. It was an amazing time of fellowship and firearms. 

I’m always interested by the knowledge that these guys possess when it comes to long range shooting: Minute of Angle, D.O.P.E., Hold at 3 clicks. All foreign to me. I just know enough to look through the scope, put the cross hairs on the target, and pull the trigger. And when you are shooting at 500 yards away, my limited knowledge would have me way off target. No doubt. To have any chance at all, I needed them there too guide me. To tell me how to adjust to what I was aiming at. And even then, I missed my targets several times. But, I eventually hit everything, including a 4 inch diameter circle with Tannerite in it. It really was an awesome afternoon.

Having them there to assist me reminds me of having Jesus in my life. Just as I would have missed my targets all day long without their assistance, I miss my targets daily in life without Jesus. Even with him guiding me, I still miss sometimes because of my attempt to go it alone. Isn’t that human nature? To do things ourselves. I’m not saying it’s correct thing to do. I’m just saying that’s what we do. And I’m also saying that I fail all the time. I fail  because I’m trying to go it alone. I need Jesus. All the time! We all do. And I am confident in saying that I bet we would all agree that without him, failure is eminent. So today, let’s strive to put Jesus first in all that we do. Let’s let him guide us. Please remember he has a plan for us. And it is glorious. Let’s also remember, even when we fail, it’s never too late to turn to him. He will take us where we need to go. He will keep us on target.

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