March 16 Devotion

Lately have you found yourself in a place where nothing seems familiar? A place where you have nothing left? Has your faith been tested? What about having doubts? Doubting that you are capable of anything. Sometimes these things can be overwhelming. That can cause fear. We can lose confidence that we can help others. We don’t believe we are good to ourselves at all. So, how can we possibly be good to others? Fear not though. It’s moments like these that God is there waiting to build us back up.

We are all aware that Satan is a snake sneaking around. He uses whatever opportunities he can to destroy us. And it is moments like in the first paragraph where he thrives. Doing all he can to assure us that we are unworthy. We are hopeless. That God has forsaken us. So let’s work on battling him back. Putting him back in his place. Where he belongs. Let’s declare God‘s truth in our lives. We can shout it out. We can pray it quietly. We can speak it softly. Whatever way we decide to do it, let’s declare God is in control. Because he is.

So today let’s go to our knees. Let’s talk to God. Tell him are concerns. Let him know that our faith is weak in moments where it is. Let’s tell him we trust him. Let’s pray for strength that can only come from him. Today is the beginning of us knowing that we may stumble. We may fall. But today is also the day of us knowing that we can rise up with Jesus. We can press on. We can be confident and crush our doubts. We can face whatever comes our way because the Lord is our strength. And it is perfect. Finally, let’s believe that God has us. Because he loves us. He always has. He always will.

Daily Devotional

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