March 17 Devotion

Here’s another tough one. And believe me as I’m writing this, I am pointing this at myself. It’s directed towards me. But I’m guessing others out there probably need to hear it too. It’s tough because it deals with our thoughts. Because our thoughts can consume us. They can control us. Our thoughts can have their way with us if we let them. Sometimes we find ourselves losing control of them. And that’s not good. Especially if they are toxic. Unhealthy.

When I first became a believer in 1992, I was still struggling with who I was. I was struggling with who I was going to be. I wasn’t even 21 years old yet. And I was trying to figure out my path. What was it going to look like. I knew I needed to shed my old self. But I was struggling with that because that’s what I had been for so long. And let’s just say that my thoughts at that time in life were not very pure. As I’ve gotten older, I have learned to control them. There have been times that I could feel the wrong things coming into my head, and then I would intentionally steer my thoughts other directions. One thing Barbara said to me years ago resonated with me. And I hope she still believes it now. She told me that she appreciated way I would turn my head away from other women. She might not have known it, but that was intentional. I was intentionally turning my attention to my beautiful wife. That way I would keep my thoughts on wanting her. And only her.

You see, our thoughts have so much control over us that sometimes they can lead to action. My example earlier is just a small part of what I’m trying to say. We live in a world that tries to control what we believe. What we think. Telling us that this is ok, that is ok, this is fine, that is fine, etc. Look at this. Watch that. Listen to this. Do that. So many things coming at us from so many different directions. We must learn to control what we think, and let that help us control what we believe. If we can keep in control this way, then our actions will follow. So today, let’s pray for God to help us keep our thoughts pure. Keep our thoughts on things that he wants us to focus on. Let’s pray for his wisdom when temptations do come. Let’s remember that we are created in his image. And we can defeat anything that comes our way. Especially, when the evil one tries to creep in to our minds. 

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