March 23 Devotion

We all have heard the saying: “I wish I could go back 20 years ago, knowing what I know now.” Or you might say 30 years, or 40 years. The years really aren’t important for the saying. It’s the “knowing what I know now” part that makes it interesting. Another interesting question to add to this is, “Would you really want to change anything if you went back?” Think about your life now. How different would it be if you were to make changes years ago? That’s some real food for thought isn’t it.

Let’s go a different direction now. Let’s think about what life would look like if we knew the outcome in the future. If we knew where we’d be, or what we’d be doing. Would our decisions now be different? Would how we view our daily lives be different? I would like to suggest, that yes things probably would be different for us now. Knowing what’s coming ahead. We would definitely make preparations. That would be human nature.

Here is what is awesome about being a believer. We don’t have to know what’s ahead if we know God. God has a plan for us. Our futures are in his hands. We can rest assured knowing the path has been paved. He will see us through. Through both our triumphs and our trials. Being human, and being part of this world, we get to make decisions. Sometimes those decisions have real lasting impacts on our lives. Like the one that I made 33 years ago that led to me being paralyzed. But, now with God in my life, I know what my future holds. I know the lasting impact of being a believer. That is eternity. Eternity with him.

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