March 25 Devotion

Sometimes people question me why I like to hunt. They look at it like I am simply going out to kill an animal. It’s hard to explain to them what really takes place. But to me, being in a deer blind is a very healing moment. When I’m by myself, I’m able to connect with my Lord and Savior. Talking with him. Praying to him. Listening to what he’s telling me. That’s what I try to do anyway. And every now and then, I am blessed with the opportunity to take a deer or a turkey. That’s simply the icing on the cake.

Other times, I can do the same thing while I’m driving. Especially on the longer trips when I’m by myself. Do you have some place that you enjoy going to be alone? Someplace where you can take refuge? Someplace where you can heal? In the Bible, we learn about Jesus enjoying the Mount of Olives. He would go there for praying. He would go there to be with His Father. Jesus is our perfect example. He would try to be alone and pray. Especially in the mornings. This helped him prepare for the day. Gave him strength. 

Wherever it is you need to go, make it a habit. Make the opportunities happen where you can be alone with God. Praying to him. Talking with him. Listening to him. This is a perfect opportunity for your spirit and your body to be connected with God. The more you do it, the easier it becomes. You will continually strengthen yourself for what is ahead. Whether it be that day, that week, that month, or the year. You will be prepared. Let’s learn from the example that Christ gives us. Let’s help build ourselves up. That way we can serve him better. We can serve others better.

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