March 27 Devotion

Do you believe in the power of prayer? Or let me ask it this way, do you REALLY believe in the power of prayer? I like to think that I do. I believe that there is serious strength in prayer. Sometimes it’s easy for us to get caught up in praying just to pray. I know I have caught myself doing that. But for the past few years, I have been praying prayers of expectation. Where I expect God to hear me. And one thing that I learned a long time ago, be ready for the answer. God may or may not give you the answer you’re looking for. But when he does answer, you’ll know it.

I love it when I get what I call God winks. This morning as one of those times. As I was reading and writing, I read something that my pastor posted this morning. He writes, “Prayer is the single most powerful tool we have on earth. And yet so many people misunderstand it or ignore it all together…prayer is simply our ability to talk directly to God and to listen to God tell us how to live our lives.” Spot on!

We must remember that God is our Lord and Savior. He is our father in heaven. He wants to hear from us. And for him to do so, we must pray. And after we pray, we must learn to listen to God‘s voice. To hear what he is saying. He will give us the guidance we need. But we must listen. We must look for the answer. If you don’t already, let’s make today the beginning of regular prayer to God. Let’s make today the beginning of believing in the power of prayer. Let’s begin praying prayers of expectation. Expecting him to hear us. Let’s realize that God desires to spend time with us. Let’s let God take control. Let’s put him in charge. And then let’s watch the difference that he makes in our lives.

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