May 20 Devotion

“Mom. Dad. I messed up.“ Have you ever heard that? Have you ever said that? I bet most of us have experienced one or the other. Either way, it is not something that you want to hear from your young adult child at 3 o’clock in the morning. Your first thought goes to something terrible has happened. You’re dreading what it’s getting ready to be said next. You’re really worried. Just hoping everybody is safe. Then there is a real sign of relief when you find out they are safe. Nobody is hurt. And actually, nothing bad took place. Just a simple mistake. Something that can be easily taken care of. Very stressful to begin with. It can be exhausting. But turned out to be just fine.

Being a follower of Jesus does not mean we have a stress free life. Actually, I would say just the opposite. Many of us experience attacks daily from the evil one. He does that. He comes at you every way he can. Trying to bring us down. Trying to destroy your relationship with Jesus. Trying to keep us away from God. He’s relentless. It’s also exhausting at times. Battling him. We can grow restless. We can lose sleep. It seems like nothing we can do…can break the cycle. That’s part of being a believer. Knowing the attacks are coming. Knowing the mistakes are going to happen.

But here’s what is awesome about being a believer. Being a follower. Being a disciple of Christ. He knows our pains already. He knows our doubts. And he knows we’re gonna make mistakes. But just as we don’t turn away from our children when they make a mistake, he will not turn away from us. As we are there to help our’s fix their mistakes, Jesus is there to help heal us. When we feel crushed. When we feel broken hearted. When are spirits are down. Jesus is there. No mistake is too great. I hope that my children feel this way about Barbara and me. That we’re always gonna be here for them. Always gonna show them grace. Just as Jesus does for us. Here’s something that I read: “He holds us and pours out His peace. But we need to run to Him. We need to sit at His feet and let Him pour out His love, peace, and grace. And when we do that, when we rest in Him and let Him love us, our weary soul will be renewed and strengthened and ready for whatever comes next.” We can be ready for the next mistake. Awesome!

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