May 21 Devotion

Yesterday, we were able to get our veterans on horses. Well, some of them anyways. Not everyone decided to ride. But that is fine. But everyone did at least walk by a horse. Brush a horse. Or just been near the horses. Lots of healing and peace takes place during moments like that. Plus, there were Volunteers there demonstrating wood carving, knife forging, and other metal works. Not to mention the volunteers that took care of the meals. Today, we finished off the weekend with communion and a brunch. I love the Charlie 22 Outdoors family. I love how people believe in the mission. And they want to be part of the family. Sharing it with others. That might mean the most to me out of all of it.

Some thing else that really hits home with me is this. The willingness and boldness of our supporters to share with me lessons. To send me videos or other pieces of material that I can learn from. How are supporters are not afraid to hold me accountable. To make sure I stay focused on the mission. I love that. Our supporters are part of our family. And I know you always hear me say it takes me a family to battle veteran suicide. To do what we do takes a family. Yesterday, I received an email from one of our supporters. One of our family members. He sent me a link to a sermon by Dr. Charles Stanley. On storms. I’ll put the link at the bottom of this for you to go watch it. Very powerful.

The biggest point of the sermon that I took from it was not so much on storms. But more importantly on how we handle storms. Because it is how we handle them that determines the results of them. Storms will either destroy us or they will develop us. They are inevitable in our lives. They’re going to come. And how we go through them is the key. What gives us the strength and the wisdom to get through them is our anchor. And our anchor is the Bible. God‘s word. We may think that we can handle things on our own. We don’t need God‘s word. Oh how wrong we are. Oh how mistaken we are. We all need Godly wisdom to get through the storms that come. And that wisdom comes from the word. So today, make it a habit to go to the anchor daily. To give yourself the security and the stability to face the storms that come. And let the storms develop you.

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