May 23 Devotion

I try to wake up each morning and type these devotions on my phone. I try to make the first thing that I do is read the word of God. It really is pretty incredible when you think about it. That we have the technology to pick up a phone and find the Bible at our fingertips. Very convenient. It’s an amazing tool at our disposal. To help us build our relationship with God. But, I think we can all agree that we live in a very fast paced world now. And I believe that it’s going to continue to speed up. There’s nothing wrong with living in a fast-paced world. As long as we can maintain control over what we are allowing to “control” us.

We are called to pursue God. To pursue him in all that we do. But sometimes, we can get caught up in the pursuit. We find ourselves bouncing from one pursuit to another pursuit. We find ourselves pursuing just to be pursuing. Getting caught up in the chase. If we do that, we can lose track of why we are to pursue God. We can lose track of the true purpose. And that is easy to do. Because there’s so much going on. So much information coming at us. So many opportunities for us to pick from. And if we’re not careful, we can easily grow tiresome. Fear not though. If you find yourselves in the situation, there’s still hope.

Maybe you are holding on too much. Trying to have too much control. Trying to dictate what happens. Maybe you can’t let go. Or possibly, maybe you’re not letting yourself let go. when you get to the point where you’re exhausted, sit back. Focus on God. Let him dictate what happens next. Let him help you get re-focused on your purpose. Let him help you prioritize what you need to be doing for him. Let him control the outcome. Let this be a time where you truly find yourself in his grace. Take it all in. Feel his love. Feel his hope. Feel his power. And then get back in the game. But always strive to keep your focus on him.

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