May 24 Devotion

Yesterday we talked about pursuing just to be pursuing. Getting caught up in the pursuit. Losing sight of why we are pursuing God. Losing sight of our purpose. When we do that, we can totally miss the point of being called to serve our Lord and Savior. It’s easy to get lost in this. Because, it’s exciting to be “doing” things for God. And it’s easy to think that the more we are “doing”, the more we will be in good favor with God. There’s a real danger here though. Some thing that can sneak up on us without realizing it. 

This might be hard for me to explain. But please give me a moment here. What can happen is that we can get to the point that we burn out. Not even knowing it. We simply burn out. That happens because we might think that God is guiding us. But our own personal desires have actually taken over. Pursuing to be pursuing. And that’s not good. That’s why I always challenge us to keep God in focus. To keep him in our sites. To let him lead us. There is nothing wrong with doing more for God. There’s nothing wrong with serving as many people as we can. But the key is to make sure that we are always trying to show his grace.  

Each day it is a grind in this world following Jesus. Each day we wake up to battle what the world throws at us. What the world throws at everyone. And it can take its toll on us. God does not want us to become weary in our pursuit of him. He doesn’t want us to become weary in doing good. Because he knows that our efforts can lead others to his glory. He can use us in this manner. So today, don’t focus on the pursuit. Focus on being obedient to God. Put your focus on honoring God. And not just today. Make it every day. And when you feel the load becoming too heavy, lean on God more than ever. Let him carry you. Let him guide you. And remember this, resting is different than giving up. God will help us rest. And then he will help us move forward as well.

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