May 28 Devotion

This morning is the Sunday of Memorial Day Weekend. The 3 day holiday that we celebrate because we are honoring all the incredibly brave men and women members of our armed forces that we have lost. A time for us to remember their sacrifices. A time for us to remember what their sacrifices have meant to our entire nation. If we look at this holiday in this manner, then we can assure that they will never be forgotten. And that’s powerful. To never be forgotten is so very powerful. 

When I was coaching basketball, we would give a life lesson at every practice. Sometimes as simple as a small statement like: “Prioritize. God. Family. School. Basketball.” Other times we went a bit deeper. Here’s an example. Every year I’d ask the same question at least once. “What will people remember and say about you when you’re gone?” Man, that’s deep. Especially for a teenage boy. After I asked it, I’d add my thoughts on what I think people might have said about me if I had died as a result of my accident. My thoughts are that they would have said things like…”He had potential.” “He could have been a great leader.” “He loved the spotlight.” Nice ways to say I didn’t have my head on straight. My priorities were messed up. And I’m sure there are more things they may have thought. 

So now let’s ask ourselves the same question. Think about what might you be remembered for when your time on earth is up. Each day is one day closer to that time. I know this is a tough and dark topic. But it’s a good point to self analyze. Are you living a life serving others or yourself? Are you living a life of morals or a life of self satisfaction? Are you living a life following Jesus or a life following the world? The last question really is the only one that matters. Because, if we’re following Jesus then there really are no other questions to be answered. No question! So today I’m pleading with you to begin living a life that follows Jesus. Live a life that lets him lead you serving others. Not a life serving ourselves. And don’t do it for recognition. Just do it because we’re called to. If we do this, then when our time here is gone, others will remember us. They will talk about us and ensure that we will not be forgotten. And that’s powerful. 

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