May 30 Devotion

I’m aware that I talk about Coach Armstrong a lot when I write these devotions. I do so because we had so many conversations that had life lessons in them. Many times they were very challenging. Just the way he meant them to be. Things that will always stick with me. Things that I hope that my children and grandchildren will learn as well. Obviously, I try to live by the ideals that we talked about. I try to walk daily on those. One thing that really stuck out to me hopefully will resonate with you as well. We were talking about how we are called to serve and to tell others about Jesus. And he said to me something along these lines. Can you imagine going to heaven and along the way people that you know, and are in hell, are saying to you, “Why didn’t you say anything?” Holy cow!

At church this past Sunday, the message really put this into perspective. Here is a quote that was mentioned: “The gospel is not good news if it does not get there in time.” I hope this is hitting home. Because this puts the burden on us. The burden is for us to tell others the good news. To tell others about Jesus. We can ask God to send someone. We can ask him to intervene. And his response can be simply that he sent us. He did send somebody. Us! That means you and me. People that don’t know Jesus, are not going to know Jesus, unless we tell them about Jesus. Read that again. We cannot expect them to find out who he is if we don’t tell them. Think about yourself. How did you find out about Jesus? Did you just bump into it? I think not.

The Bible tells us that there’s one way to the Father. That there is one way to our Father. And that is through Jesus. There’s no way around that point. The path goes through Jesus. So let’s not assume that people we talk to know him. Let’s not assume that they have heard the gospel. The good word. Instead, let’s assume that they don’t know Jesus. Let’s assume that they have not heard the gospel. Let’s assume they have not heard the good word. And let’s be the ones to have the strength to tell them. And let’s view it not as a burden, but as a blessing. A blessing getting to tell others. I know this is easier said than done. I know this is easier to read about than it is to put into action. I get it. I am still working on having the strength. The confidence. So let’s work on this together. And if you don’t know Jesus, let’s talk. Let’s help you develop a relationship with him. Let’s make sure that you hear the good word. And let’s make sure that you’re not one of those people that are asking: “Why didn’t you say anything?”

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