May 31 Devotion

God‘s timing is always perfect. It never ceases to amaze me. He always seems to send somebody just at that “right” moment. The last two days, I have had veterans that I’ve been blessed to be able to work with, send me messages of gratitude. Messages like this motivate me. Humble me. Keep me going. One of them I met two years ago. We developed a bond that was pretty instant. Last year he went into a really dark time. Demons were attacking him. He didn’t even look the same. We surrounded him with love and prayer. Part of this text to me Monday was simply a photograph of him. Smiling. Saying that he loved me. The messages from the other veterans were similar in nature. Their timing couldn’t have been better. God‘s timing couldn’t have been better. Let me explain. 

God puts us into positions where we can best serve him. He puts us into places where our skills and our talents can show others who he is. Whether we are laborers, managers, counselors, owners, or something else. Doesn’t matter. Our talents are to be used to serve him. Sometimes, the roles that we are put in come with attacks. Attacks on what we are doing. And attacks on us personally. The latter happened to me Sunday. Without going into great detail, let’s just say that it hurt me. First it shocked me. Then it hurt me. I will not deny it. And I understand that the role that I’m in comes with attacks like this. But, I feel the hedge of protection around me. Around the ministry. And that hedge went to work the last couple days.

I know that most of us, if not all of us, realize the importance of surrounding ourselves with people who care about us. People who celebrate our victories. People who will be there for us when we are suffering. And people who are not afraid to hold us accountable. That is part of being part of God’s family. I love the saying: “Surround yourself with people who will brag about you, and fight for you, when you’re not in the room.” There is so much truth and wisdom in this statement. We should love one another enough to do all of these for each other. If you’re reading this today, know that I view you as part of our family. And know that I value your accountability of my actions.

Scripture warns us about succumbing to temptation. Temptation can include retaliation. That would’ve been easy to do. Scripture also tells us to help others the best that we can. To carry their burdens. To bless them just as God will bless us. And that is what happened from the messages that I received. 

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