September 9 Devotion

Here are more questions for us to consider. For us to really think about. But this morning, I’m wondering where it is that we look for God? Do we look for God in big moments? Do we look for God in times of despair? How about looking for him in international issues? Local? Do we look for God in times of joy? Or times of sorrow? These are really good questions for us to reflect on. But mainly, what I want you to really think about: When is it that you truly look for God?

A lot of us try to find him in those moments that you can really feel what is happening. Nothing wrong with that. Unless, that is the only time that you are looking for God. My suggestion is that we look for God in all things. Big and small. Joy and sorrow. Light and dark. Because, he is in all things. Everything we experience. Everything that we do. Everywhere we go. God is there. And if we don’t see him, it’s because we are not looking. Get the point?

I think we all already realize just how big God is. Actually, we have no idea how big he is. It’s more than we can comprehend. More than we can imagine. And it’s so incredible to think about. Because as big as he is, God is very gracious. And he is ever present. Never wavering. Just think of the ego that he could have if he wanted to. Instead, God chooses to  pursue us. He chooses to pursue our hearts. God chooses to be the light when times are dark. To be the comfort when there is pain. God chooses to be joy when we celebrate. He chooses to do all of these things because he loves us. He always has loved us. And he always will. That’s how big God is. And that’s why we should look for him in all things.

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