September 10 Devotion

These past few days have been full of different things going on with the ministry and personally. Going back to last Tuesday, Barbara had her surgery. Still recovering. But she’s doing amazing. Thursday, our volunteers arrived at Spring Canyon to prepare for the veterans arriving on Friday. Last night was the first speaker. Sounds like it was an amazing evening. Yesterday, our veteran and our volunteer returned home from Maine. No bear was taken. But according to what I was told, the fellowship and devotions were incredible. Lots of laughter, smiles, and tears. And that’s what our events are supposed to be about. Not the animal. Not the fish. Not the food. They are supposed to be about the Holy Spirit.

Today at church, Robin preached a message that really hit home. He always does. But every now and then, I feel like he’s talking to me. And only me. Today was one of those days. And I think it’s something that we all need to know more about. In the book of Acts, we learn about Steve. A man that was full of wisdom, faith, grace, power, and the Holy Spirit. All very important traits. Especially the Holy Spirit. If you know the story, you know that he was accused of blasphemy. Which was completely false. And even though the accusations were happening, it didn’t sway him from serving God. It didn’t stop him. He kept moving forward. He kept witnessing to people. Even when it wasn’t comfortable. Something we ALL can learn from.

Let’s think about ourselves for a minute. When times are uncomfortable, do we let that keep us from spreading the word? What about when we are anxious? What about when we are facing illness? Depression? Work issues? Do we let those keep us from spreading the word? What about accusations like Steve had? When you go through moments like that, do you still show grace? That’s what he did. I’m fully aware what I’m asking can be very challenging. Because I have been through it. And I have failed showing grace multiple times. I know it’s challenging. But we are called to do it. No matter what. Being a believer in Christ, means that we are called to do this. There are a couple of final points I wanna make about being a believer. Believing in Christ means that we must worship Christ. Believing in Christ means that we must talk with him. Believing in Christ means that we must tell others about him. It’s not a decision. It’s not a choice. It’s not a suggestion. It’s something that we MUST do. And here’s why. I want you to think about the first time you felt the Holy Spirit. Was it when you first accepted Christ into your life? Did it motivate you? I bet it did. As you think about that, remember this, there are people everywhere that have never felt that. Have never heard about Jesus. And have never accepted him into their lives. That’s why it is a MUST for us.

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