September 12 Devotion

Yesterday was a day of remembrance. Patriot Day. A day that will forever be remembered as life-changing. World changing. There were ceremonies all across the country yesterday. Actually, many places held ceremonies over the weekend. All commemorating what happened 22 years ago. Let’s come back to all of this in a minute. When my father was still alive, we lived in housing with other military families. I went to school with other military brats. It’s hard to explain to somebody that never lived that life. But, I grew up in an atmosphere where we were united against a common enemy. We knew what are parents did for a living. We knew the enemy lived on the other side of the globe. Even though all of us neighborhood kids may not have been best friends, we still were bonded by the stripes that our parents wore. I miss those times.

This might sound odd to you, but I would like to go back to this date in 2001. Not because of what happened on 9/11. But because of what happened to the people of our country in the days following 9/11. There was a unity that I don’t remember ever feeling before in my adult life. There was a bond against a common enemy. There was an anger pointed at a common enemy. If I remember correctly, both sides of the aisle came together. Agendas didn’t seem to matter at that moment. Conservatives and Liberals united. We were Americans. And we were ready to protect ours. We were ready to fight for ours. That feeling is gone. So much so, it’s hard to remember what it felt like on September 12, 2001. 

It is sad that it takes something like what took place on 9/11 to bond the people of our country. It really is. But what is awesome about times like that, is how it shows that our country is still the greatest country in the world. Because of the people. And it’s during those times that you see Americans go to their knees to pray. Even the “non-believers” do so. That’s because we find ourselves not knowing what else to do. So we turn to God. Which, by the way, is the right thing to do. We turn to God, asking him to provide peace to those who have lost loved ones. We turn to God, asking him for wisdom on how to move forward. We ask him for strength. Point is, we turn to God. And God is there. He will provide all of what we ask for. It may not come in the form that we want it to. But…He will provide. So today, let’s try to remember what it was like to be united. Loving one another. Bonded like never before. Let’s try to remember what it was like when everyone turned to God. And then, I know this is a big ask, let’s try to incorporate that into our every day lives today. United. Bonded. All under…The One True God! Because that is exactly what we need. Because that is exactly what our country needs. Because that is exactly what our world needs.

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