September 18 Devotion

Today this is late. My apologies. But my office computer had different plans for me today than I had arranged. Let’s just say, it decided to do updates while I was working. And it totally messed up my schedule for today. Truly a first world problem I know. So now, let’s get to the point.

Let’s talk about Jesus for a minute. Let’s talk about our Lord and Savior. It’s my prayer that all of you know just how faithful Jesus is. Our Lord and Savior is faithful, beyond anything that we can ever imagine. It’s beyond anything that we can imagine, because we are all sinners. We live in a world of sin. And he takes our sin away. That is hard to comprehend. But it is true. And taking our sin away makes us new. We are new with identities in Jesus. And that gives us a hope and a peace that can only come from him.

Just as we live in a world of sin, we live in a world full of pain. Suffering. Sorrow. We’ve said it before, but that all began after what took place in the Garden of Eden. And since we live in a world of all of these troubles, we are not going to be immune from any of it. As a matter of fact, we’re going to face some thing at one point in our lives. I don’t think there’s any way around that. We are all going to face difficulties. Some of those are gonna be things that we are going to struggle trying to understand how we can get through them. But once again, that’s where Jesus comes in. He will guide us. He will teach us. He will show us the way. All the while, he will comfort us because he loves us. If you need more proof about his love for us, just look at the sacrifice on the cross. The crucifixion. That’s proof enough right there. So, if you have not yet, I plead with you to take Jesus into your heart. I’m asking you to make him your focus. To start following him. And serve him while you’re doing so. If anything, learn to accept the fact that he loves you. That he always has loved you. He always will. That my friends…Is our Jesus.

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