November 13 Devotion

Yesterday was the end of a busy week for the ministry. Actually, let’s use the word productive instead of busy. We were in Branson all week at Veterans Village. Setting up there on November 4. Tearing down on November 10. Several veterans helped set up and man the booth. Hundreds of Veterans came by to visit. Vietnam Veteran Larry Cloud was the lead volunteer there for the week. Such an amazing job. Operation Whitetail was November 10-12. We hosted six different veterans for the weekend. They came from Arkansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Indiana, and Wisconsin. So awesome that Veterans Day was in the middle of it. Each of them was able to take a buck. So blessed.

What does all of us have to do with the devotion? It’s really pretty simple. We can come up with one word. Serving! The ministry was built on the motto: “Serving those who have already served.” And that’s exactly what the last week was about. Serving. That’s it. Serving other people. Isn’t that what we are called to do? Didn’t Jesus say that we are to go and make disciples? I believe so. We are called to go out into the world and tell others about Jesus. To show his grace. To show his love. We are called to lift others up and serve them. Put them above ourselves. And it was awesome getting to watch all of that happen these past few days.

So today’s challenge is one that we have put out there several times. We do so, because it’s important. We do so, because Jesus wants us to do what the challenge calls for us to do. Today’s challenge is for us to find ways to serve others. So today, look for opportunities. Find ways to serve others. Keep an open mind, because it might take some creativity on your part. As you do so, remember this very important component to the whole process. Make sure you are serving to serve others. Keep that in your heart first. Don’t look to benefit personally. Keep Jesus the focus in what you do. And I promise you this, he will bless your efforts. And that means people will see his grace. They will see his love. And that is awesome.

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