November 12 Devotion

Yesterday was the beginning of firearms deer season in Missouri. I, along with many of my friends and family, will take to the hunting blinds or tree stands all throughout the state. Hunting game that we anticipate and prepare for each year, just as soon as the season ends. 

We talk about being called to be fishers of men. We’re “fishing” for men that are lost. Men who need to know Jesus. What this means is that we’re called to go find those people (men and women) who don’t have a relationship with Jesus. And then to serve them in a manner that reflects God’s grace. 

With it being deer season, I’d like to say that we’re called to be hunters of souls. Just as we fish for men, we should be “hunting” for those with lost souls. We should prepare for that one moment. Prepare for when we can witness when that moment comes. We should anticipate it just like we do each opening weekend. Anticipate that God will send us someone who needs us to show who he is. And that’s really the “harvest” that matters. So let’s challenge ourselves to prepare for and anticipate so we can be ready when the time comes.

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