November 17 Devotion

Some of the best advice I was ever given, and that I can give, is to be thankful and give praise throughout all things. No matter the situation. No matter the outcome. Be thankful. They may be difficult to find, but there are blessings in everything that we experience or go through. August of 2023, we had a serious health scare with our daughter after the banquet. Ended up in ICU. But the blessing that came out of that was finding a doctor that she can relate to and learn from. Not easy to find something to be thankful for when your 19 old daughter is going through something like that. But it was there. God saw us through.

God will see you through just as he did us. Through everything. Whatever causes anxiety, depression, anger, etc. God will see you through. But we must act to have that happen. We must bring all of our issues before him. Lay them at his feet. He knows what we’re going through. He has paved the way. Let’s humble ourselves and bring our concerns before him. He is waiting. He is capable. He can do what we cannot. His grace has us covered.

I would like to quote some thing that I read earlier. “Worship the Lord. Fix your eyes upon Him. Take your eyes off of yourself and off of your circumstances and set them securely upon your Lord.” As you worship him, always remember that he is God. He loves us all. His plans for us are good. No matter what we are going through, the plans are good. Our vision may be blurry. We may not see what the end goal is or his plans are. But he loves us. And he will always, always, always be here for us. All we have to do is go to him with open hearts. And don’t forget, the victory has already been declared. The cross did that. 

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November 29 Devotion

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