November 18 Devotion

Who we surround ourselves with is very important in determining who we are and what we represent. Our relationships are very important. And often times, if not all the time, our thoughts and behaviors can determine our relationships. Therefore, it’s important for us to have a clear mind and think appropriately. Keeping all of our focus on God. Even in the dark times, we should strive to keep our focus on him. If we do so, he can help us keep our thoughts and our behaviors where they need to be. And that will help us keep our relationships healthy.

But what about relationships that are unhealthy that we want to keep? Like with family and close friends. And what about thoughts that seem to reoccur? Or behaviors? I would like to suggest that we spend our time trying to determine a way to fix these. That would require us to figure out what causes these. God can help us figure this out. If we pray to him for wisdom on how to work on unhealthy relationships, and how to keep our thoughts more pure, he will do it. 

And here is the good news. If we do this. If we focus our energy and our efforts on God. If we let him guide us in our thoughts and our relationships,  then we might be the light that leads those that don’t know him-to him. Wow! Talk about doing a 180. We can take our inner thoughts, our inner emotions, and turn them into tools to show others God‘s grace. And that might be what leads them to salvation. Instead of wallowing in despair of what we are going through, we can work through them with God’s unending love. Instead of allowing ourselves to live day by day in unhealthy relationships, we can strive to show others God’s unending love. And that’s awesome. So let’s try to take our thoughts captive. Let’s try to work on our relationships. And let’s let God’s love take hold. Just imagine the testimonies that we will have if we do so.

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