November 20 Devotion

Today is Monday of Thanksgiving week. A week where we will all celebrate with annual customs with friends and family. A week that includes meals prepared by hands of those who love us. And we cannot forget that there are football games and Black Friday shopping frenzies. I’m certain that there are other customs. These are just what come to mind. 

There is nothing inherently wrong with any of these. In fact, I’d like to suggest that we all find ways to bring our loved ones together. Whether it be by food, football, shopping, etc. Being together is important. It can strengthen the bonds we have. It gives us the opportunity to reflect and remember times from our younger years. Maybe times that included loved ones no longer with us. Or maybe times that were the beginnings of traditions we now have. 

But as this week begins, I’d like to also suggest that we truly think about what we are thankful for. What is it that really rocks us to our core? This might include things we never really thought about. Or maybe things we had forgotten. Let’s take a few moments to think about this: What are you truly thankful for? Then let’s go one step further. Let’s pray of genuine prayer of thanks. Go to our knees and open our hearts and be thankful. I am not going to make suggestions on what you should be thankful for. I am certain that you know what they are. I am simply saying let’s give thanks to our Lord and Savior for these things. And while we do so, let’s be sure to be truly thankful for his love and grace. Because if we’re truly honest, that’s what really matters.

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