November 30 Devotion

A few months ago, a veteran responded to one of our devotions that we did. He told me there was no heaven, no hell, no God. We just die and that is it. My response to him was pretty simple. I don’t remember it Word for Word. But it was along the lines of, “I’m not sure I agree. Jesus loves you. And so do I.”

The door opened up. We began regular dialogue through texting and email. Found out that he was in a tough spot. Going through divorce. Dealing with PTSD. Anxiety. Financial issues. And other things. He told me he was struggling with his faith. I just kept reassuring him. Letting him know that Jesus loves him. Jesus is our hope. He has our peace. If we follow him and trust him, he will show us the way. He will provide.

Since our conversation, he has attended a couple of our events. He has moved into a new home. This place is close to his family. Trying to find a church home. Told me that for the first time in a long time, he feels there is hope. How right he is. There’s always hope in Jesus. No matter what we are going through. No matter how dark it looks. No matter what the devil is telling us. There is always hope in Jesus. I always say, things may not end the way that we hope that they do. But Jesus will see us through. All of us. Including you. If you find yourself thinking that there is no hope, turn your eyes on Jesus and you will find that there is. There always has been. There always will be. Because he loves you.

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