December 2 Devotion

Everyone has some type of label to them. And these labels can change as we grow. As we age. As we learn. Some labels are carried like a badges of honor. Others not so much. Some we give ourselves. Others are given to us. Labels can, and often do, shape our identities.

If we don’t label ourselves, who is it that has the right to do this? Who do we allow to do this? Who is it that can shape our identities like this? Pretty powerful questions if you think about it. And I know that it’s easy for me to say this, but the only identity that should matter is the one we have within God.  I’m going to quote something that I read earlier. “God created us, designed us, and knit us together from the innermost to the outermost part of us. God knows us more deeply, intimately, and completely, more than we know ourselves. If anyone is qualified to properly label us and shape our identity, it’s God.” Go ahead and read that again. Let that sink in.

If we truly believe this, then only God is qualified or entitled to shape our identities. That means that society, people, not even ourselves, are qualified to do this. Only God is. So today, tomorrow, and in the future days, be sure to wear your labels with pride. Manager, father, mother, Coach, etc. Wear them with pride. But be sure to prioritize. Because being in God’s grace is the label that we should all strive for. Do that, and people will see his light through you. And then maybe, they will accept his grace as well. And just think about the label that they will then have. And that is awesome.

Daily Devotional

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