February 7 Devotion

Barbara and I enjoy watching the show America’s Got Talent. Currently, they have a season called the Fantasy League. Each of the judges has a team competing against the others. We are amazed at how talented some of the performers are. In 2019, we watched Kodi Lee. He returned for the AGT All-Stars edition a couple years later. He is back again on this season. He was born with a rare condition called optic nerve hypoplasia, causing him to become legally blind. In addition to being blind, he has autism and Addison’s disease. His mother actually has to walk him onto the stage and get set up. 

Kodi was so good that he won first place in 2019. After it was announced that he won, his mother was once again on stage with him. They asked her what she thought. Her response was, “I think the world has won tonight.“ During AGT All-Stars, when he finished he proclaimed, “Help me change the world.” I believe that both of these comments are referring to how the world’s views towards each other can change. Because if we can change how we view somebody with a condition like his, can we not change how we basically view everyone? That may be a tall task. I am fully aware of how difficult that might be. But I also believe that there is some truth in that it is possible. 

I believe that the world can change. Because, I believe that Jesus can change the world. I believe this, because he already has. Actually, just saying his name can be “changing”. Just saying his name can change someone’s emotions and feelings at that moment. That’s powerful. So just imagine the change that would take place if everyone had him in their hearts. Just imagine what it would be like if we all would serve others just the way he wants us to. Just imagine! Once again I know this is a tall task. I realize what it would take for it to become reality. But…Jesus is our Lord and Savior. He is our way to heaven.  Even for those who don’t believe in him. He is their Lord and Savior too. He is their way to heaven too. There’s no way around that fact. So maybe today is the day for you to come to know him. Maybe today is the day that you should accept him as your Lord and Savior. Or, if you already know him, maybe today is the day for you to step out of your comfort zone and show others who he is. Maybe today is the day for you to help change the world. We can do this by helping change one person’s heart at a time.

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