February 8 Devotion

Family dynamics have always interested me. It really is amazing to me how family members relate to each other. Sometimes as best friends. Other times as worst enemies. Or maybe somewhere in between. Family can be a source of great joy for people. For others, family can be a source of great pain. I wish there was an earthly solution that could end all of the turmoil that some families experience. But there’s not. And that’s unfortunate. But I do know which family we can be a part of that will ultimately bring great joy. That family belongs to Christ. 

Belonging to Christ does not necessarily fix our problems here on earth with our families. It doesn’t automatically bring joy. And there’s no for sure guarantee of ending the pain. But belonging to Christ puts us in a family of God’s people. And there-in we will find joy. Not only do we find joy, we find a hope and a peace that we will not find with our earthly family. Now I’m not saying that we can’t find joy, hope, or peace with our earthly families. A lot of us do. I’d like to think that I find all of those in my family. What I’m saying is, we are guaranteed to find these things in Christ.

In the Bible, Paul writes about this. He talks about through the blood of Christ, people can take part in God’s covenant. No matter what our backgrounds are. No matter where we live. No matter who our family members are. None of that qualifies or disqualifies us from being able to join the family of God. None of it! And that is awesome. Our God is so loving, that the door is open for anyone who accepts him into the heart. He will take us in. All of us. He will cleanse us. He will show us the joy that only can come from him. The peace and the hope. And ultimately in the end, we win. We will rejoice with him for eternity. How incredible is that!

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