February 9 Devotion

What is it that happens when you become a believer? When you accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior? What is it that takes place? What changes take place? Should I feel different?These are questions that I imagine several people have had. Probably still do now. I know these are questions that I had. I’m not sure that there is a all encompassing answer for everyone. After all, we still have to fight our human nature. And we all differ in that aspect. But I can say this with all confidence. I can say this about all of us. With Jesus in our lives, we become new creations. 100%. We become new creations.

The Bible tells us that we are made new. When Christ comes into our lives, we are made new. Our old lives have died. They are dead. When Christ comes into our lives, we come to know God. And that alone changes us. Our past is now in our past. The things that kept us from knowing God are now gone. We now have the tool, the weapon, to fight against our sinful natures. We can also fight against anxiety, anger, depression, etc. Knowing God has freed us from these things. Knowing God allows us to work on building a relationship with him. And guess what is even more incredible about knowing God. Others are going to want to know him too. They will see the change in your life. That will make them curious. And think of it this way, you just might be what leads them to know the light that comes from Christ. You just might be what leads them to being changed as well! Holy cow! That is incredible.

So today begin believing you have changed. Begin allowing yourself to be transformed. Today is a great day to let go of your sinful past. Put that behind you and build on your relationship with Christ. Today is also a great day to start working on your confidence and strength to show others who Jesus is. To let them see how your life has changed. To let them see the hope that your future has. I also want to challenge you to start each day praying for opportunities to serve God. Pray each morning asking him to show you how to serve him. Who it is that needs to know him. And I also challenge you to pray each morning a prayer of thanks. Being thankful for all the blessings he has given you and will give you. Pray these prayers, and watch how your daily lives change as well.

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