Friday 11 Devotion

Today might be hard to read. But we need to. Because we need to know this. So here we go. Barbara and I love getting into our car and just driving. No destination. Just drive. Ending up wherever. We wish we could do that more often. But when we do, we thoroughly enjoy it. We love that time together. And isn’t it interesting how life can be that way sometimes. Not sure where we are headed. Not sure where we are going. Does that scare you at times? It can cause anxiety for sure. But as scary as that can be, as believers we are comforted knowing where we are going. We know the final destination. 

Before knowing Christ, our paths were WIDE!!! Full of earthy options. Dangerous traps waiting to close in on us. But when we accept Jesus, the paths become narrow. Narrow…but secure.  No longer leading to destruction. No longer leading to hell. And here’s the warning for us all: People who refuse to accept Christ end up there after they die. Talk about scary. 

We learn in the Bible that it’s a place of pain and sadness. Those in hell are eternally separated from God. There is no hope. There is no peace. As tragic as that is, heaven is the exact opposite. Eternal peace. Eternal hope. Eternal joy. Eternal love. And best of all, eternal life. And all it takes to receive that is to make one decision. To ask Christ into your life. If you have not, maybe today is the day. Maybe today is the day for you to take him into your heart. And know that the final destination for you is eternity with him. And if you already know him, take time today to thank him for saving you. Thank him for paving the way. Thank him for providing eternal salvation with him.

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