February 20 Devotion

Those around you that don’t know Christ, will probably be curious about your relationship with Christ. Chances are, they’re not going to understand it. They’re not going to “get” it. It’s unfortunate, but sometimes this can strain your relationship with them. Sometimes they might show anger or distrust towards you. Sometimes they might even make fun of you. This may sound crazy, and I might be wrong, but I think this could be due to them being convicted. I believe that there’s a spiritual battle taking place within them. God convicting them and Satan attacking them. I think this because I used to be in that place.

Being a believer can be very difficult in this time and age. The world does not understand our faith. The world can be confused by it. The world can try to disagree with it. When the world wants to show hate, we want to show love. When the world wants to show anger, we want to show peace. When the world wants to point fingers and exclude somebody, we want to welcome them with open arms. Even though we live in this world, we do not belong to the world. We belong to God. 

Remember what happened to Jesus before he was crucified. Definitely shows the divide between the world and being a Christian. And just as he showed compassion and forgiveness, all the while on the cross, how we respond can go along way with witnessing to  those who do not know Jesus. That’s a powerful place to be in. And it can be a difficult place at the same time. But it’s what we are called to do. Show others Jesus. No matter how hard it is. Here’s something that I read: “When we are treated poorly, we treat people nice in return. We pray for people who do not like us or understand Christians. We return hate and rejection with love and acceptance.” Does this sound something worldly? I think not. This is beyond ourselves. It requires God, because we can’t do it alone. I know I can’t anyway. It may be hard to do, but God will enable you to love your enemies. Ask him, and God will show you how.

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