February 21 Devotion

Some of us live in circles where we might be the only believer in that group. Especially those who have only recently found their faith. That might possibly include being the only believer in our family. And our age doesn’t dictate this. Both younger and older Christians experience this. And sometimes, believers actually experience hostility from their family members who do not believe. That’s very unfortunate. But true. Situations like these can make it tough to be a Christian. It can’t put a strain on our faith. But I look at it like an opportunity.

Whether or not we find ourselves in situations where we are the only believer in the group, we are still called to serve. We are still called to be the light. We are still called to show others who Jesus is. And whether we like it or not, people around us are watching us. Making sure that we “check the boxes” in their eyes. Watching to see if we live what we say we believe. Watching to make sure that we are not fake. I think that sometimes this is out of curiosity. They want to know more. They want to know what being a Christian looks like. And we find ourselves as the example, quite possibly the only example, that they may have to watch.

I would like to make some suggestions now. Look at this opportunity as an honor. God has chosen you to be the testimony that might reach them. God has chosen you because he sees the strength in you. The strength that he is providing. God has chosen you because you might possibly be the only person, who is a Christian, that the people around you may ever see. It might feel lonely. But he is with you. He is with us all. And just as we should look at this as an honor, we should take this seriously. Second, pray for others. Our family and our friends. Whether they are believers or not. Pray for them. Pray for ourselves. Pray for strength. Pray for guidance. Finally, be ready. There might come a time that they question you. Wanting to know more. And that’s the opportunity that God has prepared you for. How awesome is that! You might be the person who leads them to know Christ. Amazing!

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