February 22 Devotion

Today, I’m getting this out a little later than usual. Because I had to travel this morning. Actually, I’m glad I did because the conversation I had during the meeting I attended was built around our faith. And the times that we are living in. How the world tells us that sin is ok. Everywhere you turn, you see it. Do this. Do that. Don’t worry about it. Because it’s fine. We live in a world full of sin. Sometimes we say, “I remember the good old days.” Or we say, “I can’t imagine raising kids today.” Or, “I can’t imagine being a kid today.” I know I’m guilty of saying that. But, I’m not sure there is more sin today than before. I might be wrong. But I think a lot of our reasoning is due to the fact that everything is in our fingertips. We have access to so much information at any given moment. Simply pick up your phone and you can bring up any topic you want. Plus, everything seems to be happening right before our eyes as well. As soon as it happens, we see it. Either way, we live in a world full of sin. And that can make living a Christian life difficult sometimes.

Being a believer does not make us immune to temptation. It does not make us immune to sin. In fact, we might be able to argue that there might be more temptation and sin coming at us. Satan will attack us whenever we are doing good. Whenever life is going well. And he does it in sneaky ways. Because he’s a snake. And I think temptation and sin come from him. Some days we will make poor choices. Other days we will not. Some days we let our decisions define us. Other days we do not. What’s awesome about our God, it’s how he looks at us. We are his children. Nothing, no one, can take that from us. 

Our relationship with our Lord and Savior runs deep. Deeper than we can imagine. Nothing can break that. The bond we have with him is strong. We can rest knowing that our lives are in his hands. We cannot, will not, be separated from him. Now understand, this does not mean go out and do what you want. It does not mean we have a green light to sin. Not at all. It means we have a Lord and Savior in our lives who helps us battle against the temptations that we face. It means that sin will not win. It means that the victory has already been declared. So today, take a few moments and thank God for this. Thank God for who he is and what he does. Thank him for your salvation. Thank him for the victory.

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