February 23 Devotion

Today is my birthday. It has me thinking about gifts. Do you like gifts? I think we all enjoy them to some extent. Especially, gifts from the heart. When someone really put some thought into something that they gave you. And what about gifts from God. Let’s talk about those.

There are different ways to look at this. First, the gift of forgiveness. Forgiving us of our sins. Forgiving me! As undeserving as I was, as I still am, he forgave me. Wow! Wow! Wow! And this is available to you as well. To all of us. Pretty amazing gift. Another part of this is the gift of eternal life in heaven. Read that and think about it again. Eternity in heaven! What an unbelievable gift that is. Once again, I am so undeserving. But he still gives it to me. It’s waiting for me. It’s waiting for you too.

Then there are the spiritual gifts. The gifts he gives us where we can use our talents to serve him. Or maybe where to best use our resources. Do you know yours? Do you know where to best use your talents? Do you know where to best use your resources? These are great questions. But the truth is, as believers we are given gifts to help spread the word about Jesus. And to help people learn more about Jesus. If you don’t know yours yet, maybe today is the day to try to figure this out. What did God give you, for you to use, to show others who he is? Find it. Then start using it. And then, be thankful. Just as we say thanks to others for birthday presents, give thanks to God for trusting you with a gift to serve him.

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