March 28 Devotion

This is very unfortunate, but it’s very true. And I am sure that many of us have experienced this. I know that I have. I know that members of my family have. But, we have been betrayed by people that we were close to. People that we loved. People that we trusted. It’s so sad to live in a world where this happens. But it’s reality. On the other side of the coin is this, maybe you were the one who betrayed someone who loves you. It’s an ugly truth. But it happens.

In the Bible, we learn about this as well. Joseph is a great example. His brothers tore off his robe. And they threw him into the pit. Can you imagine? He must have felt vulnerable. That he didn’t want him anymore. He must’ve felt all alone. Sound familiar? Joseph didn’t do anything wrong. His brothers were jealous. They were angry. They lashed out because of their emotions. Their human emotions. I’m not saying it’s correct. Or it’s the right thing to do. I’m just saying that’s what happened. And I’m also saying this, God was there for Joseph.

Just as God was there for Joseph, he is there for us. He will never abandon us. Actually, it’s just the opposite. He will be with us all the way through moments like this. And even better, he will bless us. Something good will happen. Even when we are at our lowest point. Even when we experience pain like we could ever imagine. Those are the times that we probably find ourselves closer to God. Because those are times that we seek him more. He doesn’t want us to suffer. But that’s part of being part of this world. And there’s another good point about going through something like this. We will be stronger for doing so. We can build our faith for doing so. And we can witness to others more for doing so. And that is awesome.

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