March 31 Devotion

Today is Easter Sunday. The day we celebrate Jesus being resurrected and defeating death. The day that shows us the hope that comes from knowing him. The love. The peace. It’s amazing that we have a Lord and Savior willing to sacrifice himself for us. Last night I was scrolling through Facebook before going to bed. Facebook has so many good uses. Reconnecting with friends. Talking about upcoming events. Having civil discussions. Birthday wishes. Anniversary wishes. So many more. Which is why I love using it. But it also has so many bad uses. So much drama. Last night I came across several threads like that. As I read through them, I was tempted to get engaged. But I learned a long time ago, not to do so.

There’s so much division in our country right now. Left versus Right is the big one. There’s so much division, that one side could be completely correct. Spot on. Have the issue covered. And the other side will do all it can to discredit that. Nothing to do about the issue. Simply do all it can to discredit the other party. Unfortunately, I see both sides doing that. Not just in Washington DC. Friends have become enemies through Facebook. Friends can no longer agree to disagree. If you don’t see eye to eye, then you can’t be friends. When did that happen? I don’t know. But I know it happened quickly. Almost overnight.

What is crazy about all of this, it’s how much of the arguments are based off of speculation and scrolling through the Internet. Sometimes even scrolling through Facebook people form their opinions. Long before they read the truth. I have been guilty of that in the past. We don’t have a problem that exists because of disagreeing. Our country has a problem of the heart. A problem of the spirit. We aren’t allowing God to lead us. We aren’t seeking his wisdom. We are allowing our differences of opinion lead us. So today, we need to start focusing on God‘s wisdom. Seeking it in all that we do. Searching for it daily. Letting it control us. So today, we need to remember that his plan is good. I know it may be too late for that. I get that. I’m sorry to say that. But I also know that he is a God of miracles. Easter is proof of that. Proof that he loves us all. Even those who disagree with you. He loves them too.

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